The jewellery is the expression of your personality, passion and lifestyle. In the Maison Kandarakis we develop together with you a unique design that reflects your vision. Our custom design jewelry specialists, combine our experience with your insight guided, will bring your inspiration to life.


Brilliant, symbolic, eternal and most importantly unique. There are 4 important factors when choosing a diamond, the 4C’s: Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity and why a Kandarakis’ diamond jewellery is so exceptional.

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Timeless objects of expression and personal choice. Explore our unique collection of handcrafted jewellery, designer watches for women and men, our bridal and christening collection, leather accessories and business presents. Our inspiration is your energy and style.


In 1955, Stelios Kandarakis at the age of 19, started his journey by founding his first design studio in Athens. This was the stepping stone of what would subsequently become one of the most famous Greek jewelry Maisons. His vision was to create handcrafted jewelry known for their unique design, high quality and elegance. Fourteen years later he opened his first retail store where the Athenian lifestyle could find a vast variety of distinguished jewelry and designs. The excellent materials, the elegant lacing, the guarantee of gemstones and the exquisite process of gold and diamonds, describe the Maison Kandarakis. Since 1990 his two sons Michalis and Andreas continue the dream of their father transferring the retail store in the famous market of Valaoritou street. The principles of trust, consistency and personal customer care remain the main flagship of Kandarakis’ Maison. Over the past three decades the interest of the company has been expanded to the art of business gift collections based on the requirements and specifications of the corporate customer. The collection of business gifts and prizes are characterized by sensational and luxurious forms, elegant standards combining quality with affordable prices.

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Product Care

Over time your fine jewelry may become a precious family heirloom if it is properly cared. Dust, body creams, perfumes, pollution and daily wear conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones and the surface of gold metals. Professional cleaning is highly recommended at least once a year. We encourage you to bring your Kandarakis jewelry back for proefessional servicing. All of our staff is experienced in all aspects of cleaning gemstones, metals and repairing any detriments.

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